Chaos55t Commissions

Commission policy

❥ Payment policy:
Method: Paypal only.

After a pose has been accepted, a PayPal email must be sent to me to give you an invoice. Once the drawing exceeds past halfway on the lineart, a refund will not be possible past that point.


Any modifications must be minimal. (So asking me to redo the entire work cannot be done.)

NSFW commissions are only available on furaffinity, newgrounds, and

SFW commissions are also available there, deviantart, discord, and

Want to commission me?
Character Exposure
Colors and Shading
Background (optional)
Choose your pizza toppings:

If you want NSFW, it is unavailable here.

If you want an overall shitpost, this is not the place to commission that, go to this Ko-Fi!

Thanks for submitting! Chaos55t should see this and reply back as soon as she can!