Why is your username Chaos55t?

Chaos comes from the summary of my life, while 55t is a nod to an old friend who was my first online friend, who also had 55t in their username.

What kind of wiccan are you?

Celtic. However, I am still learning from it and other practices. My main practice is Herbalism.

How do you define a fake witch?

If the person is unwilling to learn and spreads misinformation about the practice. Even those who gatekeep others from practicing due to outlandish ideas that aren't even true or accurate.

(Examples being; if a witch/wiccan claims that Wiccans worship demons and devils only, and gatekeep people from the practice for not worshiping devils.)

Have you heard the latest drama about the **** community?

I am not usually up to date about specific dramas, nor want to know for the sake of my mental health. Keep me out of it if it does not affect me.